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Wildlife of Devon and Cornwall
I rarely go out looking specifically for wildlife, except on the odd occasion I may go birding later in the year. Many species of animals are of course habitat dependant, and as many plant species are. Generally most of my wildlife photography is done whilst taking images of plants; as it is this that often takes me to where I might get to see and find important and unusual wildlife species. It is good to be aware of what might be seen at specific locations and so not to miss an important opportunity to photograph something that might be uncommon, rarely seen, or simply overlooked.

Taking images of wildlife can be easy with a little bit of luck, or be very difficult indeed; and often you need to be very patient. Learning how to stalk a species is essential. it is often easier to take shots of insects with a small silver compact digital camera than a large black DSLR, presumably insects regard the silver camera as being the sun and a black camera as a possible preditor. Insects can be very difficult to identify from images as the group is very diverse and there are large numbers of very similar species, some of these can only be separated microscopically. It's often much easier to look for and photograph the most brightly colour or vivid insects as these are often the easiest to identify; e.g. butterflies.

Images of wildlife found across Devon and Cornwall can be seen by clicking on the following link APHOTOFAUNA.

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