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Devon and Cornwall - So Much To Offer
I feel incredibly fortunate to have been brought up and bred in this fantastic part of the United Kingdom; and for having spent so much of my childhood living in and around Plymouth and Saltash. I was probably very fortunate as a child, the internet had not been invented and the only computer game around was Binatone Tennis. I was therefore able to spend rather a lot of time following outdoor pursuits and hobbies; and it was then at a reasonably young age that I gained an appreciation for the countryside and the diversity of wildlife it contains.

Access to the countryside is therefore in my mind incredibly important for children; and this region is perhaps one of the best regions in the UK to see wildlife given the multitude of habitats and nature reserves that can be visited. Plymouth at the centre of the region, is particularly good; there is access to heath and moorland; to estaries around the rivers Tamar, Lynher, Tavy and Plym; to woodland; and to wasteground and allotments, which contain a wealth of wildlife.

It is actually incredible how much we take for granted, and how much we may overlook things. Nature is all around us if we only look for it, and we can learn a lot from it also. My aim here is to show how diverse life really is for all of us.

I will talk more specifically about the wildlife that can be found in the region in the links provided below -

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Wildlife of Devon and Cornwall