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Marine and Shorelife of Devon and Cornwall
My photographing marinelife and shorelife started in 2006; and it has now become one of my favorite pastimes. I was taught how to fish and went rockpooling with my father at a very early age, I've fished ever since; although now I tend to leave all the heavy gear home and favouring lighter tackle.

Taking up rockpooling again has been really fascinating and you cannot really predict what you are likely to come across. The coast of Devon and Cornwall being influenced by the warmer waters of the Gulf Stream is very important for many species. There are numerous Voluntary Marine Conservation Areas around our coast. Wembury is one such VMCA and the National Trust run regular rockpooling events for children. Similarly if you're unable to go rockpooling, the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth is a real eye opener.

A number of things are important to remember when rockpooling. The following are most important. Always know the times of the local tides, always respect the wildlife you find, animals are best kept in a rockpool than in a bucket; and always return stones to where they were found, and the right way up. My favorite haunts are Batten Bay, Plymouth; Hannafore Point, Looe; and Battery Rocks, Penzance.

My images of Marine and Shorelife found around the coast of Devon and Cornwall can be viewed by clicking on the following link APHOTOMARINE.

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