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Fungi (Mushrooms and Toadstools) of Devon and Cornwall
This group contains some of the most fascinating species I have ever come across. Not only is the subject matter difficult because it is often found in incredibly dark woodland, and a good flash is needed, but fungi are also exceedingly tricky to identify; so it can be very difficult to put names to images and solely identify speciimens from images alone. Fortunately there area Fungus Groups in both Devon and Cornwall that can help people understand this fascinating subject.

I often found the best areas to search were in both deciduous and coniferous woodland where streams ran through then. I find many species whilst wading through streams and looking on stream banks. This is especially the case for Cornwall where fungi seem to be a little more shy than in Devon. My favorite haunt are in woods around Plymouth; e.g. Shaugh, Plym Bridge, Cann or Mudwell Woods.

When looking for fungi and especially when on the ground taking images; it is incredibly important to inspect yourself for ticks. Ticks are common place where there are large numbers of deer and pheasants; and please, never eat any mushrooms unless you are absolutely sure of its identity. Many poisonous species look similar to edible ones.

My images of fungi, lichens and slime moulds can be viewed by clicking on the following link APHOTOFUNGI.

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