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Garden Flowers and Ornamental Plants of Devon and Cornwall
Here I must admit I have a passion for all plants, and since childhood; although at an early age I couldn't have predicted I'd become a qualified horticulturalist. My specialities within amenity horticulture are with South and Southern African bulbs; and I used to have 5 NCCPG National Plant Collections before becoming ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The African Garden is a website I've dedicated to the photography of plants I once grew.

Gardening is now out of the question but I'm still able to keep by hand in as a BSBI Referee for the genus Crocosmia and as a plant photographer. Having learnt that you don't have to work with plants to enjoy them. Devon and Cornwall probably being the best area in the UK to see the widest range of flora in parks and gardens, and especially around the Penwith area of Cornwall and Isles of Scilly.

My images of garden flowers including shrubs and trees can be viewed by clicking on the following link APHOTOFLORA. The website contains over 1,700 pages and 9,000 images of plants I've found and photographed across the region.

Images of garden flowers and ornamentals, have been included within the APHOTOFLORA website so people will be able to identify such plants from the images. Plants that people may come across whilst going about their daily business or whilst on holiday; in parks, gardens or roadside.

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