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Holmes, A., Fenwick, D., Ganey, P. & Williams, T. 2015. Martesia fragilis Verrill & Bush, 1898 in the North-east Atlantic. Overlooked and a recent new discovery. Journal of Conchology. 42 (2):

Lucília S. Miranda; Yayoi M. Hirano; Claudia E. Mills; Audrey Falconer; David Fenwick; Antonio C. Marques; Allen G. Collins. Biodiversity and systematics of stalked jellyfishes (Cnidaria: Staurozoa) - currently being peer-reviewed.


Inaugural David Robertson Adult Award 2015
Awarded by the NBN, NFBR and BRC for marine biological recording, information sharing, photography and research.

David Robertson adult winner
David Fenwick has been a dedicated recorder for many years. He has a dogged and determined approach to finding, photographing and recording marine and terrestrial species but in recent years his particular strength has been his work with Stauromedusae, rare and protected stalked jellyfish, and the bizarre and often colourful marine nudibranchs or sea slugs.

David shares his passion via beautiful and comprehensive websites, APHOTOMARINE and Stauromedusae UK.
These are an inspiring and useful resource for new recorders and professionals alike.

David has given up his time to help with Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s Shoresearch programme which engages with local people, and raises the profile of Cornwall’s local marine wildlife.

David Robertson (1806–1896) was a Scottish naturalist who founded the University Marine Biological Station at Millport , which opened in 1897. Millport Marine Biological Station closed in 2013, but reopened in 2014 as Millport Field Centre thanks to the Field Studies Council.

Details of David Robertson Award (NBN website)


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